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Well, this was my idea - I guess - so I'd better start it off.

I'm pretty wiped out from the convention, so I'll start by repeating one from the panel: the case of the really stupid gamemaster.

The players were getting really bored with the game; the DM was anything but imaginative. Still no one had the guts to tell him that they were sick of his game, and wanted to do something (anything) else.

Finally one player either lost his mind or had a stroke of genius. The party was in a tavern, so he said "My character goes into one corner of the room and says 'Hastur'".

They were playing AD&D. To say the name of Hastur the Unspeakable (a god of incredible evil best known from the works of H.P. Lovecraft) automatically has a 25% chance of having the god appear, and almost certainly destroying every living thing for many miles.

"Hey!" said the clueless DM, "you know, if you say that there's a chance that he'll come!"

"Hastur!" replied the player.

Another player, quicker than the rest, went to another corner of the room. "Demogorgon!" he shouted. By no coincidence, saying the name of the demon-lord Demogorgon in an AD&D game also has a 25% chance of gaining the attention of the fiend.

The first player couldn't take that lying down. "Hastur!"


"Hastur!" "Demogorgon!" "Hastur!" "Demogorgon!" "Hastur!" "Demogorgon!" "Hastur!" "Demogorgon!"

"Guys," the DM interrupted, clearly confused, "if you keep saying that, I'm going to have to roll for the chance that they'll - "

"Hastur!" "Demogorgon!" "Hastur!" "Demogorgon!" "Hastur!" "Demogorgon!" "Hastur!" "Demogorgon!"

The DM started rolling, both demon-gods appeared, and the campaign was over. Problem solved.
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